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Shhh Dating landed in London in and has been treating random strangers to awkward close encounters ever since. Founder Adam Wilder had the idea when he was doing the long-distance thing with his girlfriend. It often made them feel closer than words could. So he came back to London and set it up. At the first event, everyone found a match — so he decided to do more. Situations that other people often find uncomfortable are my jam so I went along with the vague hope of not just enjoying myself, but maybe making a meaningful connection. I try not to drink on first dates — no one wants to end up on a dull second because of the mistaken belief that the first was incredible because…booze. I had one pre-game drink thanks to a challenging day but chose not to bring a bottle to this BYOB event.

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Whether it’s a long-term thing or a ‘just seeing how it goes’ set-up, you never have an excuse for a boring date night in London. With a city that’s crammed to the rafters with top-notch events such as bottomless brunches on canal boats through to adult ball pits, there’s never a shortage of London quirky date ideas; we’ve done the wooing and swooning to bring you the best alternative date night ideas in London.

Further your plans with our couples guide to London. Last updated on 20th August Take your partner on a unique cruise through the city by stepping aboard the Silent Sounds boat party. You’ll get to groove the night away to a soundtrack of your choosing with the city’s most iconic landmarks surrounding you.

Classic speed dating nights are normally hosted in cocktail bars, last 1 – 2 hours and often Where can I find silent singles‘ events in London?

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I Went to a Silent Speed-Dating Night

Join the Silent Adventures Team as we take you on a journey of song and dance through the famous streets of London. This musically instructed adventure aims to have your funky moves on display and your pop star voices serenading the people of the capital! Hi-tech headsets will fill your body with beats, theme songs and your favourite hits from across the decades. As your inhibitions evaporate and laughter takes over, you will be part of the best all-dance, all-singing walking tour in town!

Wear comfy shoes, bring water, an open mind and the whole family! Over 5s only and no buggies, please.

Billed as ‘speed dating without the talking’, Shhh Dating nights launched in London earlier this year and (ironically) word of mouth has seen.

Love at first sight? Normally, when you go on a date and no one says anything all night, it’s a bad thing. And really awkward. But silent dating is actually a thing that people do voluntarily. Shhh Dating is founded on the belief that “we are instinctively better at communicating and choosing the right partners when we have the chance to put aside words and see each other as we really are,” their website explains.

For two hours, participants meet members of the opposite sex without saying a word.

Could silent dating change your love life?

Silent Dating is the new style of dating. The Eyes have it!! It is said that the eyes are the windows to the very soul of a person and what better way to meet your perfect match then with an eye-gazing event. The evening is organised much like a speed-dating event, only the timing is for minutes of non-verbal eye-to-eye contact.

We need an equal mix of men and women for the events so do come along.

Take your partner on a unique cruise through the city by stepping aboard the Silent Sounds boat party. You’ll get to groove the night away to a.

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Silent London Pictures

See our picks list. Title: Safe: Part 1 01 Oct Following a court appearance for drunk driving, Leo is required to perform unpaid work as a punishment, assisting AJ, a community worker on a run-down,largely black-occupied housing estate in South London.

London’s favourite silent speed dating event. Expect fun interactive games and authentic connections with young professionals in their 20s & 30s.

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worker on a run-down,largely black-occupied housing estate in South London. Also on the scene are Harry and Nikki, the latter dating Ryan, a young.

Sugar Cane, London. Treatment Speed Dating in Clapham. Typically you’ll meet between around new people for four. Simmons Temple , London. Simmons Temple, London. Sick of swiping? Fancy having loads of dates instead of endless texts? Get ready for a great dating o. The Silent , London. The Driver, London. Quiz lovers – show off your knowledge at a fun filled quiz night with around 20 other participants. The Village , London.

The Village, London. Calling all speed gay Londoners!

Silent Disco Adventures in London

Well, you would be very, very wrong. London can be a terrible city to be single in, but hey, you can at least take some ironic comfort in the fact that there are millions of others just like you. These are the truths unique to London’s dating scene In London, when you play tonsil hockey after several rounds of drinks, you will often wake up suddenly in a relationship. The chances of two people having overlapping free evenings in London is so remote that if it ever does happen, you should immediately buy a scratch card or something.

It’ll get better as the relationship moves along and you will soon become the reason their diary is perpetually jammed solid , but in the opening stages it’s a little like booking a meeting.

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London – Candles and languid electro-jazz set the scene for a romantic rendezvous at a north London bar, but the couple sitting face-to-face can use only their eyes to beguile. The second silent date is the latest attempt by Londoners to reinvent the city’s intoxicating world of nightclubs, bars and fleeting liaisons. It is the brainchild of Adam Taffler, actor and cultural entrepreneur, who got the idea during a visit to Australia. He believes it is time to move beyond the world of words, which can often be used to conceal true personalities.

The decor is fashionably ragged, almost derelict, and the s are conjured with red armchairs in imitation leather and an orange padded bar. The walls are decorated with torn wallpaper and shelves of unusual gold objects – including a horse and a mill. They are there to have fun, but also to meet new people – a task surprisingly difficult in a city of 8.

Guests are invited to break the ice by shaking hands, before settling down for a series of games designed to build relationships. Unable to speak, every gesture, smile and grimace is accentuated and communication is left to facial and bodily movements. A muscle-bound man flexes his biceps to impress his sparring partner, who responds by adopting ninja positions. Things get more serious in the evening’s second act as Taffler turns the music down-tempo with British group Cinematic Orchestra and the participants are given a minute-and-a-half in which to seduce.

Lucie, a teacher with long black hair, sits opposite a young man, hands on knees. She lowers her forehead, takes a deep breath before diving into the eyes of her partner with a fragile gaze. Her partner’s face betrays a mixture of admiration and lust, and he lets out a sigh when a bell announces the change of partner.

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Normally if no one utters at word at our speed dating events, we start to panic as its evident love isnt in the air but at our Silent Speed dating events we actively encourage everyone to say nothing. Not a peep, just hand gestures, body language, nodding of heads and the odd sound or utter here and there. Well for the first round, most definitely! With no verbal communication permitted you can really see and feel if there is a spark between you and discover if it really is possible to find love at first sight.

Of course the team here at Date in a Dash believe so, and so do many happy speed daters across London who have found happiness putting words aside and seeing each other for who they really are! As with all of our fantastic speed dating events across the capital and the UK as a whole, Silent Speed dating in London our events encourage singles between the ages of to meet, greet, flirt and interact with each other, just this time with a difference.

Starting at 7. Honestly, it does. And with tickets costing only

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By Lucy Cavendish. Standing with 13 other nervous women in a room above a central London pub, I’m about to make what may be my most bizarre attempt to witness people trying to find love. There will be no small talk before – and no sweet nothings afterwards. In fact, not a single word will pass our lips for the next two hours. Shh dating: Word of mouth has seen the spread of ‘speed dating without the talking’. I am usually a chatterbox, desperately wittering on to try and fill any awkward silences.

But not this evening. Billed as ‘speed dating without the talking’, Shhh Dating nights launched in London earlier this year and ironically word of mouth has seen them spread so fast across the capital that organisers are looking to expand them across the UK. It’s very intimate. But despite the fact that this is meant to be a ‘silent’ night, the amassed women are, perhaps unsurprisingly, soon gossiping away.

There’s Anke, a blonde who has been on so many ‘normal’ speed dating nights already that she’s really hoping this might be her last. The same goes for Anna, the petite woman next to me. I’m not sure how she thinks tonight will help her avoid more vocal surprises, but she’s clearly willing to give the dating dice another desperate throw.

Non-verbal communication: The object of silent dating is to strip away the masks we make for ourselves and reveal who we are inside.