It feels natural to us. She said: “Marriage and children, I take marriage very seriously. We are not talking about that in any way! As a woman, I want to say that I hope this guy is actually a good guy and maybe something can come from it. We want to get in relationships to see if something comes from it. On Teen Mom OG , Amber and Dimitri, 39, appeared to have a whirlwind relationship, but Amber explained that the two actually took it slow after her relationship with the father of her son James, 1, ended in July I have been talking to him for almost eight months.

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At first they bicker, but they soon get together. They reach a deeper understanding. There is a crisis in the final act that risks dissolution and triggers a metaphorical race to the departure gate. You know how it goes. If you can think of a better structure then award yourself a big shiny medal. Freyne, director of the nifty zombie flick The Cured, has gone back to his own youth for the setting: Kildare in

Romantic teen film Dating Amber is described as ‘Derry Girls meets Love, Simon’ and stars Sharon Horgan, Barry Ward, Lola Petticrew and.

It’s set only two years after homosexuality became legal, and the newspapers and television screens are filled with debate about the impending referendum on whether divorce should be made legal. Coming out on Amazon Prime, the film has the blessing of starring Fionn O’Shea , who has become something of a sensation following his starring turn in the BBC television phenomenon Normal People.

O’Shea is the bright spark here, playing Eddie, who desperately wants to fit in. He pretends to like girls at school and is training with the cadets, as he wants to please his dad by joining the army. The story is loosely based on Freyne’s own experience while growing up in the military barracks area in Kildare. While there is definitely an aim to give his female counterpart, Amber Lola Petticrew , an equal share of the story, it’s perhaps unavoidable, given his own experience, that Freyne has more empathy with Eddie, and gives him a more complex storyline.

Eddie is filled with angst and is in complete denial about his sexuality, whereas Amber is more matter-of-fact, accepting her situation and making plans to escape. In tone, it is more reminiscent of s American adolescent tales, especially in the quirky storytelling style, which is happy to be hyper-realistic and embrace surrealistic elements, especially when dishing out jokes.

Dating Amber: A Breath of Fresh Air… Mostly.

See the gallery. Two school friends decide to start a pretend straight relationship in an effort to fit in. This is quite a refreshingly clever coming-of age story with Fionn O’Shea “Eddie” and Lola Petticrew “Amber” as two gay teenagers who hit upon the perfect ploy to make sure they are left in peace by their classmates: they decide to date each other! Their cunning plan deceives all their mates and even engenders quite a bit of jealousy from some of his pals whilst giving them a perfect cover.

He is a bit smitten with his quite hunky teacher; she wants to escape it all to go to London and be a punk.

Dating Amber is a different kind of queer cinema. Set in Ireland in – scarily, homosexuality has only been legal there since – Eddie .

Dating Amber has a pretty compelling hook. Eddie and Amber are both gay teenagers growing up in rural Ireland during the mid-nineties. The country has just decriminalised sodomy, and finds itself in the midst of a highly divisive and contentious referendum on divorce. Against this backdrop, Amber hits on a clever idea to avoid the scrutiny of her classmates. She and Eddie will pretend to be a couple, so that they can both present as heterosexual long enough for Amber to escape this suffocating environment.

It evokes the set-up of something like Easy A , tapping into the youthful anxieties of teenage life, and combines it with the increasingly progressive and diverse entries into the genre like Love Simon or Handsome Devil. The film lacks the delicate tonal balance that is necessary to elevate a teenage coming of age story from a charming affair to a classic of the genre, swerving too dramatically from its playful and cheeky opening premise to an overly earnest and sincere final stretch.

It allows suffers slightly from a heavy reliance on formula, hitting most of the marks expected of a story like this, but never really finding a way to push past those conventions into something more profound or insightful.

‘Dating Amber’ review: ‘Derry Girls’ meets ‘Love, Simon’ in a must-watch teen romance

On Fridays 2 days after an episode has aired, the spoiler policy is lifted and all posts are fair game. Criticism of cast members’ actions is allowed, but bullying is not. Calling out shitty behavior is fine, but mocking physical traits or unchangeable characteristics earns a ban. Take your hate speech somewhere else and don’t come back. Max Amber dating self. Based on Twitter it seems like they are together.

Dating Amber’: Film Review. Two gay high-schoolers act as each other’s beards in Irish director David Freyne’s gentle, sweet-natured.

Two gay high-schoolers act as each other’s beards in Irish director David Freyne’s gentle, sweet-natured coming-out-and-of-age comedy. By Guy Lodge. Teen romantic comedies can be hard to invest in emotionally, particularly as one sinks further into decrepit, cynical adulthood. The good ones have something a little more lasting and internal at stake: Youthful crushes come and go, but you only truly come of age once.

Sure enough, since its U. That interplay carries the film through some less convincing, more sitcom-level plot points. Yet the story at its center is a special one, and still a rarity in a genre unaccustomed to presenting LGBTQ lives in bright emotional detail, rather than as colorful comic sidebars. Home Film Reviews. Jun 18, am PT. Guy Lodge Film Critic guylodge. See All. Running time: 92 MIN.

International sales: Altitude, London.

Amber Opens Up About Her Past Relationships And Love

Marvelous Inc. I think I like Rune Factory games so much because they seem to combine everything I like in a game — community, reward for effort, and kicking ass. As far as the community aspect of the game goes, Rune Factory 4 has a dating system, leading amber to potentially marrying your beau — and I say potentially, because the requirements seem at times ridiculous and impossible, especially as they rely on completely random events that cannot be force triggered.

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The canon love interest if you follow the manga, Meg is probably the most normal amber the bunch.

f(x)’s Amber talks about her mixtape “Rogue Rouge” and how the tracks “Right Now” and “Get It Out” relate to her past relationships and love.

Amber revealed it was because they both find relationships difficult, and putting their feelings into a song was difficult. Funny story about that song, the producer Gen, who is my singing coach and basically my mentor for everything, he actually wrote this song in or and he said he was going to trash it. We actually had to change the song three to four times before it is what it is today. Everyone thinks we sound so good together.

Amber revealed that she approaches relationships with serious intentions, which has left her with heartache in the past. I remember it took me five years to get over one of my exes. But when I get broken up with, I learn a lot about myself. Um, yeah, it sucked. In the past, she had briefly opened up to Yoo Hee Yeol about her ex-boyfriend and what kind of boyfriend she wanted in the future. Just one, a long time ago. I like basketball, skateboarding, and basically everything [active].

But I chose [Get Over It] to be the opening song because that song is me right now.

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Amber is a loner. She sports a multicoloured riot grrrl hairdo, an offbeat dress sense, and is always always reading a zine or drawing her own. In this world of grey school uniforms where heteronormativity reigns supreme, Amber may as well have a bullseye painted on her. Her approach is as subtle as a brick to the head as she pelts a stone at Eddie knocking him off his bike before making the proposition. While her turn of phrase is amusing, it speaks to the tragedy in the characters backstory.

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Both Eddie and Amber are in the closet. Eddie, on the other hand, is in complete denial. Weary of their peers constantly jeering at them, Amber and Eddie stage a relationship to halt the speculation they have to endure. Amber and Eddie are both outcasts and loners. Whilst Amber secretly rents out a caravan to horny teenagers wanting some alone time so that she can save enough money to move to London. They can be who they are for the first time in their lives. Their beard deal seems like the perfect arrangement, one that will get them through their final year of school without further humiliation.

That is until Amber meets a girl who makes her want to stop hiding, forcing Eddie deeper into denial. Dating Amber is a witty and hopeful story about the highs and lows of teenage life. It balances the confusion and awkwardness of being a teenager with the thrill and optimism of having your whole life ahead of you. Teenagers can be awful.

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Dating Amber is a different kind of queer cinema. For Eddie, things are a lot more complicated. He can be normal. For the moment — and the movie — though, Eddie and Amber are stuck at home and hiding their same-sex attraction.

Amber and Vito dated in They began dating in May that year before first went public with their romance in July at the Wimbledon Championships in London.

Peer pressure. Being a teenager is hard enough already without having to also conceal who you truly are — amidst the chaotic environment of school. How are you? Congratulations on Dating Amber — the concept is so brilliant. I love the alternative arc on a rom-com — what first attracted you to the script? I was laughing out loud in parts and ugly-crying in parts.

In particular the mids? The film is set in a small town in Ireland in , which is only two years after homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland.

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