Matching Mum & Daughter Clothes: The 13 Best Shops To Browse

She may not have found a partner on Indian Matchmaking , but Ankita did leave the show with a renewed sense of confidence. After struggling with body image because people told her she’d never find a match if she didn’t lose weight, Ankita realized she didn’t want to change herself for a guy. So, she decided to remain single and focus on work, even suggesting she and her BFF get an apartment together like the characters in Friends. I am a business woman! Since then, Ankita has been doing exactly that. She runs the denim brand There!

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Last week, reader Oscar sent me this question:. Any tips? Great question Oscar.

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If you do a Google search about how to match clothing well, most websites and blog articles tell you to use the color wheel to match… but who does that? I think this is where guys get confused. The easiest way to wear color is to start with a menswearNeutral base see tip 2 and add just one pop of color. Just one! Menswear neutrals go well with each other, as well as any other color you can think of. In fact, it will look great together.

This is a bulletproof way of adding color to your outfits. My friend Peter at The Essential Man wrote a great post on how to match colors in your outfits. Instead of trying to reiterate what he says he does it so eloquently , just check out his post here. And if you want an easy way to visually experiment with color combinations for your profiles, Canva has a cool color wheel tool you can play around with plus a bunch of great info you can read through if you really wanna geek out about color theory heh.

Leather jacket? Best to match that as well.

China’s Disturbing New Matching Outfits Trend

Ankita reveals how her weight was always a concern for nosy relatives regarding her marriage but she rebelled and focused on her career instead. Disappointed with the way things have turned out, Ankita meets a life coach through Taparia and decides to make her career and passion a priority over marriage. Her eyes light up when he tells Kshitij about her business called There! Her brand’s website too, speaks about the clothes being the very antithesis of fashion, in how they celebrate the individual before the attire.

During her date, Ankita reveals that she first launched the business online, but it being focused on garments, has been picking up pace slowly. Indian Matchmaking fans have noticed how Ankita , in reality, got them more intrigued in her business than her dating life with the dedication she showed towards it.

sorry, we didn’t find anything to match “”, I’ll be making a bulk purchase ASAP! darker to match the shirt but over all very comfterable clothing awsome print u.

Over the weekend, I hunkered down to commence a lazy day of Netflix viewing. From the synopsis, it sounds great — and it kind of is. After the first episode, I was hooked. Each episode portrays the bleak reality that many South Asians still uphold these problematic ideologies. I can give her, I think, 95 marks out of So she has the upper hand to choose the boys. Colourism has long been a problem in South Asia. Growing up, I believed that fair and lighter skin was superior and Asian girls with lighter skin were deemed more attractive.

I was told to cover up before going in the sun. When it comes to discussions around topics like skin tone, the South Asian community appears to have a no holds barred approach. Thankfully, the tide seems to be very slowly turning. Systemic racism is heavily embedded throughout South Asian culture. And this toxic rhetoric spills out of the community and feeds into anti-blackness. Ripples of movement are being made but watching a series like Indian Matchmaking confirms that we still have a long way to go.

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Indian Matchmaking fans are full of praise for Delhi-based entrepreneur Her brand’s website too, speaks about the clothes being the very.

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How To Mix And Match Colors In Your Clothes – The Ultimate Color Wheel Guide

Hi, Sima Taparia from Mumbai. Don’t lose hope beta. Make it happen. Started IndianMatchmaking.

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Quick question however; before finding this article I did hours of research looking and trying to apply the color wheel to my attire. With fashionable men wearing complementary, analogous, and triad colors, it seems like any color on the color wheel could be worn together. What are the exceptions that I am not seeing? Sticking exclusively to warm and bright colors perhaps? Part of the answer is that not all those combinations always work. Green and red are complementary colors but not all types of red work well with all types of green.

The same is true for triads. You might pick a triad color scheme or a split complementary. You should sign up if you want to check it out! I am a lady, have a green and white Polo shirt striped.


My kids have capsule wardrobes. Maybe that sounds fancy, but it’s not. Making a wardrobe capsule is actually the easiest thing you can do in the way of buying clothes for your kids.

The superstar matchmaker at the center of Indian Matchmaking is Sima Taparia, a well-known marriage consultant in India and across the globe.

Click here to watch the video — Matching Made Easy. With their interchangeable belt system :. The first rule in matching is you don’t have to match things exactly! Specifically for your trousers and the multiple layers on top. The trick is to ensure the main colors of your wardrobe are as far apart on the color wheel as possible. But it still beats making random choices and putting no thought! The effort still counts for something. History shows how it represents wealth and status.

So take advantage of that and let your leather pieces stand out as a group — with the same color. But this rule isn’t strict. Two things you should focus on matching are 1 your shoes and 2 your belt. Then follow-up by means of the color of your 3 watch strap and 4 leather bag — but only if it’s convenient. Don’t spend money just for that purpose. And it’s important to remember in this case — the more different the colors of your leathers are, the worse of a match you’ll end up with.

‘Indian Matchmaking’ on Netflix: How to Follow the Cast on Instagram

Every reality show has at least one villain. As Sima and the show itself frequently remind us, arranged marriage is not quite the form of social control it used to be; everyone here emphasizes that they have the right to choose or refuse the matches presented to them. But as becomes especially clear when Sima works in India, that choice is frequently and rather roughly pressured by an anvil of social expectations and family duty.

In the most extreme case, a year-old prospective groom named Akshay Jakhete is practically bullied by his mother, Preeti, into choosing a bride.

In this interview, Aparna of Indian Matchmaking gives us an update on her meets me today and is like,”We don’t like the way that you dress.”.

For a lot of guys, figuring out how to match clothing can feel confusing. Or, Can I wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt without causing seizures in my co-workers? Some guys even think colors should be worn only in the warm weather months. Read on to discover how to incorporate more colors and patterns into your wardrobe almost effortlessly.

Not good. Instead, start small. Add one element of color for some pop to an outfit — a yellow pocket square, a purple scarf, an orange tie. Keep the rest of the outfit neutral, which will play up the contrast. Pops of color only work when they have something to pop against. Think: black, navy, grey, brown, and olives. Anchoring your look with solid neutral-colored items like your shirt, jacket, and pants will break up the bolder pop of color in your outfit.

Plus, it gives that color or pattern some space, visually-speaking, to do its own thing. Stick to just one pop.

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