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The American Antiquarian Society’s photograph collection includes an extensive collection of cartes-de-visite. Most served as mementos of family and friends, though beginning in the s Americans also cherished cartes-de-visite of such prominent figures as presidents and generals. In fact, this medium allowed Abraham Lincoln to become America’s first photographic celebrity. This collection contains about 5, photographs from the s through the s, with the majority dating from the s. The collection is divided by subject matter. The largest group consists of portraits of men, women and children from throughout the United States. Most of these depict their former owners’ friends and relatives, but many represent such celebrities as Lincoln, Julius Booth and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Carte de visite dating

After collecting of hibernation, a new version of the platinum print was invented in recent years and used in the fine arts. Most modern dating prints are clearly represented cdvs modern and often have clearly modern subjects. Palladiam is a closely related print, and is often lumped together with platinum prints. Palladiums resemble platinum prints but are a bit more susceptible to aging deterioration.

Buy Victorian Cartes-de-Visite (Cartes de Visite) First edition, first impression Can anybody recommend a book that will help with dating UK carte de visites?

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Museum number Oc,B Description Photograph black and white ; carte de visite; portrait of Maori man, possibly a chief from Wairoa, sitting; he has a beard and wears a western-styled shirt, tie, jacket and trousers; New Zealand. Albumen print. Production date 19thC late. Production place Photographed in: Wellington city – New Zealand. Materials paper.

Collecting CDV Carte de Visites: Antique Vintage Victorian Photos

One of the images has a pencil message written on the front which states that the image was taken the day of a battle that occurred in I’m sorry but I can’t read the name of the battle but a Civil War historian might know where it was. All of the images were purchased from an estate of a well known graduate of Hillsdale College in Michigan. Some of the images are identified by name as were others that I have previously sold. All of the identified images were of students of Hillsdale College.

How to spot a carte de visite (late s–c). A square cornered CDV is reliably dated the s or cdvs. While often there is the studio name printed on back,​.

It was standard practice in Victorian times for a photographer to advertise his business on the mounting cards, either on the front or the back of the card or both. Some even allowed others to advertise on the reverse of the cards. The early cards from the ‘s were quite plain but as time went on the cards became more elaborate, sometimes coloured card was used and some of the mounts were even edged in real English gold. A study of the card design is useful in dating old photographs, the thickness of the material, the style of printing, the design itself and even the shape of the corners of the card can be used as a guide to indicate when the card was produced.

The portrait itself of course gives lots of dating information, the hair styles, fashions in clothing, and the trends in portraiture, such as the use of backgrounds and props are all useful indicators. Others have researched this in great detail and books have been written on the subject but it not proposed to go into any great detail here.

Search this site. Some examples of the more elaborate and artistic card designs from the local photographers are shown here. The first card shown below has no address for the Joseph Bottomley studio which is unusual as Joseph seemed to always put his address on the cards and he did move studios quite regularly.

Seven Carte De Visite Images of Women Dating From the 1860s

Site news – Our Blog. Old Photographs – Some thoughts on card mounts and dating. There are many variations in the mounts used for cartes-de-visite and cabinet photographs.

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Photo expert Jayne Shrimpton helps date a reader’s photograph. By Sarah Williams. I have numerous lovely old Victorian photographs of my ancestors passed down from my mother. I think this one portrays William Sly — and his two youngest children, Arthur b and Lucy b , who lived in Warwickshire. Can you date the photo to see if it is them? Graham Holton. This scan is of a professional Victorian studio portrait in a modern frame. If the picture inside appears to be the original carte de visite photograph, carefully remove it to view the card mount.

These were often printed with the studio name and address — key evidence. Meanwhile, there are several visual clues. The children are well dressed in mid-Victorian juvenile modes. His son wears the knickerbockers suit introduced for small boys in the s, while the toddler wears a boat-necked frock with short puffed sleeves, fashionable throughout the s and early s.

How to spot a carte de visite (late 1850s–c.1910)

Print Reply. Pages: [ 1 ] 2. Author Topic: Carte de Visite for dating please I would appreciate any clues for the date of this carte de visite. Card measures mm x 62mm with gilt edges. Would also like to know something about the caps uniform?

Photograph of a woman standing with a book, cream mount. Dated This is the date Mayall opened in Brighton. Address: Regent St., London and

Find out what type of photograph you have Types of Photograph. Photographs of Victorian, Edwardian and 20th century ladies sorted by year to Photographs of people arranged by year to People by Year 5. Carte de visite printer. A large list of photographs and photographers each with an estimated date A-Z list of dated photographs. A large plus list of photographers and photographs a few have estimated dates.

Frequently Asked Questions I have a photo like yours Date a Carte de Visite Photograph A date will sometimes help fit a photo into a family tree 1. What decade is this photograph from, see the changes of the designs on the back through time and a brief description of fashion changes Which Back? Find out what type of photograph you have Types of Photograph 3. Photographs of Victorian, Edwardian and 20th century ladies sorted by year to 4.

Carte de visite printer 6. A large list of photographs and photographers each with an estimated date A-Z list of dated photographs 7. FAQ 9.

Photography, ‘carte de visite’ portrait dating from 1890s

A carte de visite is a photograph mounted on a piece visite card the date of a formal visiting card—hence the name. Most professional portrait photographers of the s took either daguerreotypes or late positives. With both processes, each picture was unique and multiple copies could only be made with difficulty, if at all.

The carte de visite abbreviated CdV, was a type of small photograph which was patented in Ephemera · Photographic techniques dating from the 19th century · Portrait photography. Hidden categories: Articles with short description · Short.

A square cornered CDV is reliably dated the s or cdvs. While often there is the studio name printed on back, there usually is no printed text on the front. Unusually small vignetted images oval images date to this period example pictured on next page. Starting in the early s the mounts had rounded corners and came in more colors. By the mid s gold gilded, beveled edges were used. By the s civil colors were common and the mount often had scalloped edges.

The mount thickness changed over time, with the earlier ones being thinner than the later ones. The s mounts are typically thinner than the s mounts which are typically civil than the s and later mounts. Having inexpensive examples from different years on hand will help judge thickness. In the s the logo was relatively small and with plural font. As the years went by the design became larger and more ornate, sometimes taking up the entire back. Note that s and early s Cdvs that were used as trade cards give away cards advertising a dating or service can have larger advertisements on back.

Dating stereoviews

Dating a photograph At some time we’ve all been faced with a photograph of our ancestors but were unsure whether it showed our great grandparents or our 2xgreat grandparents. Fortunately there are several reasonably reliable methods for working this out. Characteristics of the photo: An assessment of a few simple features can give a surprisingly good indication of the date of some types of photograph.

Cartes de Visite. by date. The style of cartes de visite changed gradually over the second half of the nineteenth century. Early examples were on thin white card.

Also popularly referred to as CDV and carte. Popular ss. Cartes de visite, often nicknamed cartes and CDVs , is French for visiting card, as this was a popular early photographer of these small picture cards. A woman might hand out or mail a carte with her picture on it to stars and tintypes. In the United States cartes became popular at the beginning of the Civil War. They were used for many purposes, including as identification cards for soldiers, trade cards for businesses and as family photos.

Cartes of popular subjects could be bought at local stores. Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln and famous theatres actors were popular subjects. Collecting cartes and putting them into specially made albums was a popular hobby, and many of these albums exist today. Cartes define in many photographic and mount styles. Some are plain, while others are ornate.

Along with the subject in the image style of uniforms, type of equipment, identifiable athlete, etc , cartes can be dated by the photographers of the mount, as this changed over time. The following describes the general trends.

An Introduction to Dating Cartes de Visite informative download now available

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Jun 20, – Carte de visite – Dating 19th Century Photographs.

A carte de visite can usually be dated to within two years through an understanding of it’s features. Gallery operators replenished their supply of card stock about every six months and card manufacturers encouraged this demand by brining out a new line of decorative cards each year. Because of this constant change, a card mount offers the best clue to when a carte de visite image was made. Note that dating the mount does not necessarily date the image.

The photographer may have been using up old card stock. Many photographers advertised their copying services.

How to Date Antique Photographs Using Tax Stamps

Dating and identifying old family photographs is mainly a matter of using your brain in the same way in which you would work out a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw. Consider your family, work out possible links and hypotheses — ask the questions and try and work out the answers. One important factor is to consider which pictures go together. If they are all from the same old album as the ones used in this feature are then you can assume they belong together as a family.

The two cartes de visite below from the s are on standard sized carte de visite mounts, with impressed rectangles for the photographic print.

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